What are the Worst Habits for Your Dental Health?

dental healthAre bad habits affecting your dental health? They just might be. If you happen to be experiencing any type of changes in your teeth and are wondering why these changes are occurring, it may be due to one or more of your bad habits.

The worst habits for dental health

The following are some of the worst habits that are not supportive of overall good dental health.Worst habit #1 – nail biting. Nail biting makes teeth more prone to chipping and should, therefore, be avoided. When someone bites their nails for a long time, they are also jeopardizing the health of their jaw, which can lead to them experiencing jaw problems in the future.Worst habit #2 – brushing teeth too hard. Those who brush their teeth too hard or use a firm bristled toothbrush can increase their likelihood of experiencing tooth damage as well as gum damage.Worst habit #3 – grinding or clenching teeth. Also known as bruxism, this is definitely one of the worst habits someone can have as it can easily lead to them being diagnosed with chipped teeth or cracked teeth. Ongoing bruxism can also lead to someone experiencing jaw issues.Worst habit #4 – chewing on hard foods, including ice cubes. When someone eats or chews on very hard foods there is a good possibility that they could break one of their fillings or one of their teeth.Worst habit #5 – eating and/or drinking all day long. When someone eats or drinks for the better part of the day, they are going to be at a higher risk for getting a cavity. When teeth are constantly in contact with any number of ingredients and aren’t cleaned between meals and drinks, there is a higher chance of cavities.Worst habit #6 – using teeth to open up items. While our teeth are indeed strong, they are not made to open up items like packages and bottles. This act is highly likely to damage teeth, making it a bad habit to definitely avoid.

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