A Family Dentistry Office Discusses Fluoride Treatments

family dentistry Buford, GAA family dentistry office can address the oral care needs of patients. Family dentists often recommend fluoride treatments because of their benefits. Fluoride is found naturally in most water sources like lakes, rivers, wells, and oceans. For the past decades, fluoride has been added to public water supplies because it can help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride can also be applied directly to the teeth via treatments at the dental office. If you have a high chance of getting cavities, your dentist might suggest fluoride treatments.

Family dentistry office and fluoride treatments

Cavities happen when bacteria build up on the gums and teeth and form a sticky plaque layer. Plaque produces an acid that erodes both the teeth and gum tissue. If the enamel layer is broken down by plaque, it can cause many problems. Fortunately, fluoride treatments can help.Fluoride can help protect people’s teeth. It helps prevent cavities in both adults and children. This is achieved by making the enamel more resistant to the acid attacks that eventually cause tooth decay. It basically rebuilds tooth enamel and reverses the early signs of tooth decay.

Benefits of fluoride treatments

Fluoride usually helps repair weakened tooth enamel by replenishing lost phosphate and calcium. These minerals are naturally present in saliva. The minerals are beneficial because they make people’s teeth more resistant to future decay. Fluoride treatments are usually applied by a dentist.The treatments are suitable particularly for people with an increased risk of tooth decay or erosion. Fluoride can also benefit people with poor oral health, a dry mouth, or weak enamel. It can also be good for individuals who have a lot of restorations. The patient should ask the dentist whether applying a fluoride varnish will help protect the teeth.

Professional fluoride treatment

Family dentistry offices provide professional fluoride treatments to patients in different forms. It might come in the form of a gel, foam, or varnish. The treatment may be applied with a brush, swab, mouthwash, or tray. These treatments have a lot more fluoride than what is in water or toothpaste. It only takes a few minutes to apply them. A patient may be asked not to eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after the treatment.This will ensure the fluoride can fully absorb and help repair some areas of decay. The dentist should know the patient’s full health history. This will help determine the right treatments. Depending on a patient’s oral health, fluoride treatments may be needed every six to 12 months. Some people have a higher risk of developing tooth decay. For these patients, the dental provider may also suggest other preventative measures.


Fluoride has been a common health treatment for many years. Fluoride can restore minerals to the enamel. It usually prevents harmful bacteria from building up in a person’s mouth. If you want to find out more about fluoride treatments, contact a family dentistry office. But you should continue taking care of your mouth. You should always brush your teeth twice every day, for at least two minutes, and floss daily.Request an appointment here: https://buforddentist.com or call North Atlanta Center for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry at (770) 932-1115 for an appointment in our Buford office.

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