Spring Cleaning is not just for the Closet…

Spring is a time to reevaluate your daily routine and reduce any unnecessary clutter from your life. It is also a time to make positive changes for a happy and healthier lifestyle. Here are a few tips from Dr. Curington:
  • 1. Check the date of your last dental cleaning. If it was before Thanksgiving, then you are due now. Did you know that the bacteria in your mouth has a direct link to heart disease? Most people don’t realize that proper oral hygiene can be a good step toward helping to improve their overall health. In addition to brushing your teeth, make sure to take good care of your gums — they’re the foundation of a healthy mouth.
  • 2. How bright is your smile? Look at pictures of your teeth from years ago. Teeth naturally yellow with age and can be lightened several shades within an hour! Remember, professionally cleaned teeth bleach better because plaque has been removed, allowing the full concentration of peroxide to reach the enamel surfaces.
  • 3. Freshen your look by reducing the lines in your face. “Give me more wrinkles”, said no one ever! Botox and Juvederm are well suited for both men and women and can erase years off the face. With graduations just around the corner, we want you to look your best in those photos that will last a life time!
With these small changes to your lifestyle, you can upgrade your health for a better you.