Buford Dental Patients Await Powerball’s $1.5 billion

Buford_Dentist Studies show that nearly 40 percent of Americans skip some dental care and almost 80 percent will feel something wrong in their mouths and ignore it when possible. In fact, an estimated 150 million American adults avoided a dental visit altogether last year.A Federal Reserve survey found a quarter of respondents delayed getting dental care for financial reasons. Another recent survey found that nearly two in five American adults say they either delay dental care or have limited dental work done due to their financial situation. That number has increased by nearly 8 percent in the past two years.About 80 percent of patients are even aware that postponing or delaying routine visits will cost them more money in the long run.“The longer you wait, the more costly it becomes,” is all too true. As a Dentist, I have heard all sorts of excuses, including “I treat teeth like transmissions, if it works, leave it alone”, and unfortunately, nearly one in five Americans say they would fix problems with their car ahead of taking care of their teeth. That is a strategy that causes lost teeth and costly replacement options.If you have waited too long to address your dental concerns and you don’t win the lottery, you may like to know about the many financing options, including no interest plans, using Care Credit. We offer it in our practice so ask us for more information. Good Luck tonight!