Do I Need a Dental Check-Up If I Have No Real Teeth?

Man with a Smile at a dental check-up You may think that if you have no real teeth left, that you no longer need to visit the dentist for a dental check-up. This is not true. Even if you have artificial teeth in place, it is wise to avoid skipping your usual appointments. Otherwise, your oral health might start suffering.

The importance of a dental check-up

Whether a person has no teeth at all or has artificial teeth in place, it is still important to visit a general dentist at regular intervals. This is usually twice a year. The dentist may recommend a person come in more often. Here are some good reasons why people should continue to go to their dental check-ups.

Thorough cleaning

A dental check-up will almost always involve a complete cleaning. It does not matter if a person has no teeth left or a few natural ones. Even if all of the teeth have been replaced with prosthetic teeth, such as crowns and dentures, cleaning is still important. Plaque still builds up on the surface of artificial teeth the same way it does on natural teeth. A dentist can remove this.Additionally, the dentist can scrape below the gumline to remove any excess plaque and tartar that can lead to gum disease and bad breath. The artificial teeth or remaining natural teeth can be flossed and polished.

A full exam

Going to the dentist for recommended appointments will allow them to investigate the oral health of a person. If there are symptoms of oral cancer, gum disease or other dental issues, the dentist will have the chance to catch these signs early on and start the necessary treatment right away.


X-rays can diagnose problems that are otherwise unnoticed. These can include damage to a patient’s jawbone, abscesses, cysts, tumors and any decay on remaining natural teeth. The dentist may opt for a panoramic X-ray. This will provide them with a complete view of the patient’s upper and lower jaw in one picture. Dental X-rays will help the dentist understand the patient’s bite and how it might have changed since last fitted with prosthetics.

Denture maintenance

As a person gets older, the tissues in the mouth will begin to change. This can lead to dentures not fitting properly any longer. When dentures do not fit well in a patient’s mouth, it can cause a number of problems. These include sores, irritation, slipping and sliding and damage to any natural teeth if the dentures are only partial. If a patient has noticed that the dentures do not fit well any longer, an appointment should be scheduled sooner.

Keep going to dental check-ups

Whether you need a thorough cleaning of your false teeth or you need a dental examination, it is important to keep going to your regular dental check-ups. Depending on your lifestyle and the condition of your mouth and oral hygiene, you may need to visit the dentist more often. It is important to follow what the dentist recommends when it comes to dental visits and at-home care.Request an appointment here: or call North Atlanta Center for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry at (770) 932-1115 for an appointment in our Buford office.

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