Replacing Multiple Teeth Through Implant Dentistry

Multiple Teeth Replacement Options Buford, GAIf you have lost multiple teeth, the dentist may suggest implant dentistry to restore your smile. Depending on the number of missing teeth, the suggestion might be single implant placement or dentures or bridges supported by implants. These options are effective for restoring missing teeth permanently, regardless of the cause of loss, which could be injury, decay, accident or gum disease. This article talks about the options for replacing multiple teeth.

The dental implant procedure

Dental implant placement is the first step in replacing multiple missing teeth. Dental implants are small titanium screwlike posts inserted into the jawbone below the gum line. The implant functions as an artificial tooth root, integrating with the jawbone to become a permanent anchor for the dental prosthetic. Implants are preferred because they maintain bone health and structure.Dental implant placement is a surgical procedure and the patient will need to undergo a healing stage (called osseointegration) before the dentist attaches the prosthetic teeth. The dental professional will perform the necessary evaluation to know the number of implants to place and the optimal position. Some of the restoration options include:

Implant-supported bridge

When severe teeth are missing consecutively, an implant-supported bridge is an ideal option for replacing them. The implant bridge comprises three main parts: the dental implants, abutments and the dental bridge. Unlike regular bridges that connect to nearby teeth for support, the implant bridge is anchored to the implants.

Single crowns

If only a few teeth are missing or there are multiple missing gaps in the smile, the dentist might suggest using single dental implant restorations. This option means the dentist will place a single tooth implant for each lost tooth. Afterward, they will attach abutments to connect the implant to the crown. The final stage entails attaching the dental crown to the implant. The result is an implant restoration that feels, looks and functions like natural teeth.

Partial dentures

Simply called partials, the dentist may recommend partial dentures if several teeth are missing in a row. Regular partial dentures are removable. However, partials supported by dental implants are fixed and only removable by the dentist.

Why choose implant dentistry?

Implant dentistry is the only restoration option that replaces lost tooth roots. The conventional bridge or partial denture does not preserve the jawbone. Therefore, it will start to deteriorate since the stimulation provided by tooth roots is lost. Dental implants fuse directly with the bone to ensure bone health and stability.Implant-supported restorations are also more functional, comfortable and cosmetically appealing than traditional bridges and dentures. The strength of the implant restoration is comparable to the natural teeth. Moreover, if the natural teeth anchoring the traditional bridge is compromised, the bridge may also fail. This means additional restoration procedure will be required. Removable partials also tend to be less stable and may shift out of place.

In conclusion

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