Buford Dental Office Can Help Your Teeth and Overall Health

Local Dental OfficeIf there is an issue or a dental emergency, someone should always visit a dental office as soon as possible. However, this is not the only time.

Visiting a dental office


Most people put off their dental checkups and cleanings. This can be a mistake when it comes to their long-term oral health.Dental exams and cleanings include the following: Examining the mouth: Before the dental hygienist first begins cleaning, they will thoroughly exam the mouth, teeth, tongue and gums using a small mirror, examining all crevices and areas. During this inspection, they look for signs of inflamed gums (gingivitis) or anything else that could be a reason for concern. Removing tartar and plaque: One of the most beneficial parts of visiting a dental office for an exam and cleaning is the opportunity to have a professional remove any plaque or target buildup. No matter how good a person’s at-home dental hygiene routine is, there is always some build-up remaining. Avoiding these exams will let it continue until cavities or other issues arise. This removal will help keep your teeth and oral health in the most optimal condition. Using “gritty” toothpaste and fluoride treatment: Most people who have had a dental cleaning will know what the “gritty toothpaste” part is. The hygienist will use this paste and a high-powered cleaning tool to brush all the teeth. The paste smells and tastes just like the toothpaste you use at home, but it cleans at a much higher level. This step helps in polishing and scrubbing to ensure the cleanest teeth possible. Your dentist may also suggest a fluoride treatment. This is used to help in protecting your teeth against cavities for around two to four months. 

Visiting a dental office is vital for great teeth!

The above are only a few of the many steps that happen during a visit to a dental office for an exam and cleaning. The dentist will also examine the teeth and work with the hygienist on detecting any possible issues. When dental issues are forming, being proactive and having them treated in the shortest amount of time can be the difference between one extra visit to deal with minor issues and multiple visits to correct severe issues. If they are not taken care of promptly, tooth loss can occur. Contact our dental office and let our trained staff guide you in making the best decisions for your overall health, oral health and teeth. We love helping patients, new or old, in obtaining and keeping the best teeth and oral health.For more information or to schedule an appointment or consultation with us, call (770) 932-1115. Our office is located in Buford. Call North Atlanta Center for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry today.