A Visit to a Buford Dentist Can Help Your Toothache

Emergency Dentist If you suddenly start experiencing a toothache, it is time to pay your Buford dentist a visit. A toothache can occur in many forms: dull, throbbing ache in the jaw, pain after taking a bite or sharp pain when the tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures. All these symptoms indicate an issue that must be treated by a dentist.If the pain subsides after taking certain measures, it does not mean that the problem is solved. Toothaches are known to disappear and return later in higher intensity. In this article, you will learn about toothaches and why visiting a Buford dentist is important.

Common causes of toothaches

Toothaches can be caused by several factors, including:Tooth decay — Once plaque bacteria erode the enamel to a certain point, it can leave the sensitive nerves of the dentin layer of the tooth exposed and could continue to invade the core of the tooth, right to the pulp.Gum disease — If plaque is not cleaned off the teeth and gums, it could damage the bone supporting the teeth and its roots. This could loosen the teeth and cause an ache.Abscesses — Tooth decay and gum disease can eventually lead to the formation of an abscess below or along the root, which could cause pain and the infection to spread.Dental trauma — If you suffer a hard fall or blow to the mouth and your tooth chips or cracks, it could expose the pulp of the tooth and leave it prone to infection.Tooth impaction — A tooth that fails to emerge completely from the gums can cause nerve irritation and pain. Impaction commonly occurs with wisdom teeth and other molars.Teeth grinding — Clenching or grinding your teeth can degrade your teeth’s structure and make them more sensitive. It could also strain the tissues supporting the teeth.Teeth misalignment — Crooked or misaligned teeth can create undue pressure in the mouth and cause a toothache.

Why is a dental visit essential?

In most situations, tooth pain is a sign of a more severe problem that could negatively impact your oral health and overall well-being if treatment is not provided promptly. Tooth pain does not always subside on its own. The longer you wait before seeking out a Buford dentist, the more complicated the issue could get.When you go in for your dental appointment, the dentist will examine your mouth carefully to ascertain the cause of the pain and recommend the appropriate treatment. This may mean scheduling root canal therapy or a dental filling if the pain is due to decay or cavities, placing veneers or crown on the injured tooth, treating gum disease or recommending antibiotics.Impacted teeth must be extracted to prevent infection, teeth crowding or alignment issues. Misaligned teeth can be fixed with orthodontic treatments such as braces and aligners. The dentist may suggest getting a custom mouthguard if you are prone to teeth grinding or clenching.

In conclusion

Toothaches are avoidable if you take charge of your oral hygiene. This means brushing, flossing and visiting your Buford dentist regularly for a dental checkup. If there is a condition that may cause potential pain, the dentist will detect it immediately and provide treatment.Request an appointment here: https://buforddentist.com or call North Atlanta Center for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry at (770) 932-1115 for an appointment in our Buford office.

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