8 Tools Commonly Used by General Dentists

General Dentists Buford, GAMany people are afraid of general dentists because they find some of the tools they use intimidating. It is a common dental fear that is more likely to affect children, but it can definitely linger into adulthood.A simple way to get over this fear is by educating yourself about the different tools general dentists use to treat their patients. Knowing what these tools are can often make them less intimidating.

8 Tools general dentists use often

Here is a list of some of the tools dentists often use when treating their patients:

1. Oral mirror

This is a small, round mirror that has a long handle. It is typically used by dentists to get a better view of areas in the back of the mouth. It can also be used to reflect light on dark areas in the mouth so the dentist can observe any problems present.

2. Dental explorer

This handheld tool is used to explore teeth and to diagnose any issues present. It often has a sharp probe at the end the dentist might use to gently probe. It is used to detect issues with teeth roots and dental deposits.

3. Dental drill

Dental drills are one of the most intimidating tools used by dentists, and they can also be quite noisy. Dental drills are typically used to remove pieces of decayed matter from teeth, to reshape teeth or to drill holes into them. Local anesthetics are usually administered prior to using dental drills, so the patient only feels vibrations and pressure from the dentist working on their teeth.

5. Syringe

Syringes are used by dentists to inject medications like anesthetics into gum tissues. These injections are not very painful. The patient feels a slight pinch and the anesthetic kicks in shortly after. Dentists can also use a topical anesthetic to numb areas that will be injected if the patient has a fear of needles.

6. Excavators

These are typically spoon-shaped and they are used to remove decayed tooth matter and debris from cavities. A local anesthetic is often administered when using this tool.

7. Suction unit

This tool is used to remove saliva and blood so that the area the dentist is working on remains dry. It helps to prevent saliva from accumulating in the mouth while the dentist works and the patient cannot swallow. It consists of a tube that is inserted into the mouth and a machine that creates suction on the other end.

8. Scaler

This is a metal tool dentists use to remove plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces. While it might look a bit scary, the use of this tool does not cause any pain. The patient simply feels the dentist pushing it against their teeth, while tartar comes right off their surfaces.

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